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The purpose of this guide is to give you the foundational understanding you need to comprehend the space that operates in, why exists as a business, what the product is, and who the product is for.

We’ll start with the essentials. We’ll answer questions like: “What is the cloud? What is a log? Why do developers want logs?”

These are questions to which you probably already have decent answers. But really digging in and understanding the ins-and-outs will accelerate your comprehension of, both the company and the product.

This guide won’t give you all the answers. There’s always more to learn, more to understand. But hopefully it will give you the foundation – and the momentum – to become an expert in the field.

Hope you enjoy!

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Your (semi-)trusty guide

How to use this guide

There is a lot here. To get the most out of it, I have one key tip:

Adopt the mind of a child. Be hungry and curious! Get lost in wormholes on Wikipedia or YouTube. Embrace tangential exploring. Ask your peers questions. Don’t be afraid to sound ignorant. This is your best opportunity to learn as much as possible about the space that operates in.

Also: Don’t be intimidated. There’s a lot here. It can get very technical. Tackle it in chunks. If you’re struggling with a concept, skip it and revisit it later.

Ready to jump in? Head on down to Day One below.